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Parent Staff Association (PSA)

PSA Welcome Pack 2016

The PSA is made up of members of ICS parents and staff, and its ultimate aim is to help the school enrich the educational experience of all ICS students.

Through the efforts of the duly elected Executive Committee, the PSA fulfills its role by:

  • Enhancing social cohesion within the ICS community through:
    - Social events
    - Charity Fundraising & Events (40% of budget allocated to charity)
    - PSA Newsletters
    - PSA Notice Board
    - Parent meetings

  • Supporting new families joining the school, providing information and advice about ICS and helpful tips regarding life in Jordan

  • Raising funds to enhance student life at ICS

  • Acting as representative/liaison for parents and staff:
    - Serve as point of contact for members of the ICS community to raise general issues of concern
    - Facilitate group communication and discussion between parents and administration/SLT
    - Report issues raised by the community at PSA meetings and participate in discussions aimed at finding appropriate solutions, where possible
    - Serve as parent/staff liaison to the SMC, reporting on issues raised by members of the community at PSA meetings, or otherwise brought to the attention of PSA members

  • Discussing and providing feedback to the school’s SLT regarding items of general educational interest to the school community

  • Supporting the Principal and SLT with the school’s ‘Parents as Partners’ programme

  • Raising awareness among the school community and showing support for the school’s Guiding Statements  (Vision, Mission and Values)

  • Following agreed school policies and procedures when advising parents on any issue

  • Acting as a role model in terms of adherence to school policies and procedures

  • Avoiding any conflict of interest between role as parent and role as PSA member

  • Maintaining confidentiality

By accepting the responsibility to serve on the Executive Committee, members pledge to adhere to the above Terms of Reference and commit to serving in their position until a new Executive Committee is constituted (to occur on a yearly basis).