Organization | International Community School – ICS


All Secondary students are members of one of our four Houses: Aqaba, Jerash, Petra or Wadi Rum. Our House system is very strong, and a comprehensive programme of house activities punctuates the whole school year.

All students are then organised into small tutor groups, according to their House; in the 6th Form, each tutor group is a mixture of Year 12 and Year 13 students. It is through their tutor group, convened every morning and also during the weekly Pastoral hour and Assembly, that their Form Tutor monitors their learning, progress and wellbeing.

The Secondary school at ICS is broken down into three phases, or Key Stages.

Key Stage 3: Years 7-9 (ages 11-14)

In most subjects, students are taught in mixed ability groups, with their needs met through careful and expert differentiation. However, in Years 8 and 9, students are currently taught in more homogenous groups according to their ability in those subjects.

Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 (ages 14-16)

In English and Maths, students continue to be taught in homogenous, ability groups. However, for all other subjects, learning groups are mixed ability.

Key Stage 5: Years 12-13 (ages 16-18)

Students are taught in small, mixed-ability groups for each subject. In addition, most students have some periods set aside for independent study, during which time they will typically work either in the Library or in the 6th Form Study Area.