Living in Jordan

There are many Historical attractions to visit in Amman/ Jordan including Petra, amphitheatres and Citadel downtown. There are Modern Malls and Luxury Hotels offering an selection of food from around the world.

Dead Sea

A rich aqua marine colour at its depths, the Dead Sea's waters blur to emerald at its edges. The shores are lined with salt crystals, lining up like nervous bathers just daring to dip their toes in at the water's brink. It makes for an undeniably beautiful scene, and the thought that the mystical city of Jerusalem lies just behind the lurching mountains of the other side, adds to the intrigue


Discounted entrance fees
Once staff have a residency card the fee reduces from 50JoD to 1JoD. There are other sites that charge minimal entrance fees, but we still get a discount. Nothing major though. Another advantage of having a residency card is when re-entering the country; we do not have to pay the 40JoD entry visa fee. ( Based on current fees 2015 as an example of costs) A city of rose-coloured stone, carved out of Mount Hor’s rock-face by the Nabataeans in the 3rd century BC, there’s nothing else like Petra. Entering through the Siq is a dramatic and atmospheric introduction to the ancient city.

Wadi Rum 

Wadi Rum  is a short detour from the Desert Highway between Amman and Aqaba

This area of Jordan is quite isolated and largely inhospitable to settled life. The only permanent inhabitants are several thousand Bedouin nomads and villagers. There is no real infrastructure, leaving the area quite unspoilt.


The area known as the Citadel sits on the highest hill in Amman, Jebel al-Qala’a (about 850m above sea level), and is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon. Occupied since the Bronze Age,

Shopping Malls

There are a range of shopping Malls in Amman the closest to the school being The Taj and City Mall. TAJ lifestyle center, Jordan’s newest multi-purpose shopping complex is unveiling its open-air terrace during Ramadan featuring a modern arabesque feel and catering to different tastes with a variety of cafés and restaurants such as Crepaway, Café Hanin, T.G.I Friday’s and Café Gourmand. TAJ will host live entertainment with a oud player during iftar and renowned local bands playing oriental Spanish, Jazz and Arabic tunes during suhoor. Visit