Individual Needs

The Individual Needs (IN) Panel ensures that students with specific learning needs are provided with the support that they need to enable them to succeed to the highest level possible. The panel works closely with students, parents, teachers and other qualified professionals and agencies to ensure that the each child’s needs are fully understood and that learning is supported in the most effective ways.

The IN Panel is led by Mrs Cordelia Cripps (Deputy Head of Primary), Mr Gary Webster (Deputy Head of Secondary) and Mr Owen Gleeson (Inclusion Manager).

Each child with individual needs has a personalised programme of support that is overseen by the IN Panel and managed by the IN Team. The Inclusion Team, led by Mr Gleeson, consists of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) who work across primary and secondary. The LSAs and TAs work closely with class teachers in primary and subject teachers in secondary to ensure that lessons and planned and delivered which cater fully for each child’s needs.

All TAs and LSAs in the school are trained to a high level in supporting students with individual needs and all work towards achieving a recognised professional qualification. Their experience, combined with a detailed knowledge of each child, ensures that all children receive the high quality, personalised education programme that they deserve.