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ICS Guiding Principles

The International Community School (ICS) believes that any highly successful organisation, including world-class schools, must have at their heart a clear set of guiding principles, encompassing strong core values with an aspirational Mission and Vision.  These guiding principles must also be shared by all stakeholders and be focused intently on educational excellence and quality outcomes for all students. 
We passionately believe that by explicitly referencing our guiding principles in strategic decision-making and by living our core shared Values, both at home and at school, we can more effectively prepare our children to be successful global citizens, help them attain their full academic potential and better guarantee their future social and economic well-being.
Given the importance that we place on our guiding statements, it is essential that parents, students and staff wishing to join the ICS community are able to commit themselves fully to embracing and modelling our core Values, both in and out of school.
Our Guiding Principles are founded on the seven core shared Values of...
IntegrityWe are honest and trustworthy and take responsibility for our actions.
DeterminationWe strive for excellence through hard work, resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude.
RespectWe are open minded, global citizens who appreciate, celebrate and honour other cultures, beliefs and worldviews.
CompassionWe are kind, caring and supportive of one-another and generous towards those less fortunate in our community and society.
EquityWe are fair-minded and treat everyone as we would like to be treated.
HappinessWe work collaboratively and do our very best to ensure everyone at our school feels included, safe and valued.
ChallengeWe are adventurous and creative about our learning and believe in the importance of taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zone.