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ICS Academic Scholarship 2018/19

Welcome to the ICS Academic Scholarship Program

This scholarship offers a discount of up to 50% on the annual tuition fees for students joining Year 9 (Grade 8), Year 10 (Grade 9) and Year 12 (Grade 11). Below are the selection criteria and the steps needed to secure your scholarship with ICS for the 2018/19 Academic year. We anticipate that we will offer a maximum of 10 scholarships this year, so competition will be fierce.

Key Criteria

  1. The student should have an exemplary academic record (evidence = school transcript for the past three years)

  2. The student should have a history of positive behaviour and contribution to the wider life of the school (evidence = school reference)

  3. The student should be highly motivated to succeed in school (evidence = school reports for the past three years)

  4. The student should demonstrate the aptitude, attainment and attitudes necessary to excel at ICS (evidence = assessment day, including assessments, application essays and interview)


After submitting an application, students will be invited to attend an assessment day at ICS.

All students applying for a scholarship must complete the following assessments:

  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)

  • Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)

In addition, students applying for a scholarship to enter Year 9 (Grade 8) or Year 10 (Grade 9) must complete the following three assessments:

  • Progress through English (PTE)

  • Progress through Maths (PTM)

  • Progress through Science (PTS)

Students applying for a scholarship to enter Year 12 (Grade 11) must complete a past IGCSE paper in both English (First Language) and Mathematics.


If you would like to apply for an Academic Scholarship at ICS, please submit an intention form below to apply and register for the Assessment Day. The deadline for applications is Thursday, 8 March 2018. Should you have any questions about the ICS Academic Scholarship Program, please call the Admissions office at +962 6 479 0666, or send an email to office@ics.edu.jo.


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