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Head's Welcome

In the Secondary School, our aim is to ensure that each child in our community feels safe, happy and valued, as well as being stretched and supported academically. Our students are able to experience a high-quality curriculum within the classroom and a wealth of invaluable enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom. ​Supporting this is an ethos which is based on clear values that help all of our students develop and grow into responsible global citizens.

I am proud to work alongside our children and with our committed and experienced staff in what is often described as an exceptionally friendly and welcoming community. The role of parents in the development of their child's education is of course a vital one, and therefore the relationship between school and home is integral to our success as a school. We warmly and eagerly seek to develop and strengthen these relationships at every opportunity.

Our mission is to lay the foundations for outstanding, life-long learning. Learning is personalised to ensure that our students receive a relevant, ​engaging and challenging education. Our emphasis on developing skills in problem-solving, collaboration, investigation and self-evaluation prepares children for the challenges of the wider world ahead.

Our pursuit of  #themonalisaeffect ensures that each child participates in a programme of study which is designed to maximise their progress. This is based on a detailed knowledge and understanding of what each student can do well and what they need to develop next.

Students with individual needs are supported to the very highest level by our Inclusion Programme. Our philosophy is to include students in the mainstream classroom as much as possible so that students with additional learning needs are able effectively to access the same curriculum as all other students.

We focus on offering an academic education of the highest quality coupled with the traditions and values of a prestigious and forward-looking independent school. We expect our students to develop the ambition to compete globally in whatever careers they choose to enter and they leave us to study in a variety of high-ranking universities around the world.

​You are welcome to visit the school to see for yourself the fantastic secondary community that I am proud to lead. You can contact me via email at secondaryhead@ics.edu.jo and I very much look forward to hearing from you.


With very best wishes,

Gary Webster

Head of Secondary