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Admissions' Procedure

School Fees

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of JD 150 (USD 212) is required for each individual pupil upon submitting the application form. You may pay this fee upon your arrival at the school.

Registration fee

A non-refundable fee, required for each individual pupil, is due in full before the pupil joins the school. Pupils joining in Nursery and Reception will pay half of the registration fee on joining and the second half will be paid when the pupil joins Year 1.

Tuition fee

A minimum of one term’s fees must be paid in order for your child to start attending school. Two weeks after joining, the remainder of the fees should be paid in full, or post-dated cheques for the correct amount should be submitted to the Finance Department.

You can find more information about all school fees in the School Fees page.

How to Apply

Please contact our Admissions Officer at .

After we have received your application, your child will be asked to take an online 'Cognitive Abilities Test' (Years 3 to 13 only), and will also participate in an interview (either in person or via Skype) with the relevant Headteacher.

What we need to process your application

Documents to complete and sign:

To be sent together with documents:

  • Student photo

  • One passport photograph of the child (actual photo or scanned copy)

  • Copy of child’s passport

  • Copy of most recent school report

  • School report to include marks/grades and pastoral report

Once you have arrived, we would like you to bring in:

  • Copy of child’s immunisation record

  • Bus application form (if applicable; form includes rules and regulations to be signed)

If you have any questions please contact the admissions officer at tel. +962 6 479 0666 (ext. 1301).

We will send you a letter of acceptance for you to return indicating that you wish to accept the place for your child. Our Finance department will then send you an invoice for the school fees that you need to pay.


The school must operate within proper educational limits, and must aim to provide a positive yield for all pupils and parents. We reserve the right to refuse entry:

  • If the year group appropriate to the applicant is already full.

  • If in our professional judgment, the applicant is not suited to the programme which the school offers.

  • If in our professional judgment, the applicant needs a level of resources and individual support which would deprive other pupils in the school.